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    Clinical Supervision for LCSW-A’s

    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I have 12 years experience working in a variety of settings: mental health/substance abuse agencies, emergency rooms, the judicial system, and a battered women’s’ shelter.

    My treatment approaches are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

    Quality clinical supervision is founded on a positive supervisor-supervisee relationship that promotes client welfare and the professional development of the supervisee. My approach is to teach, coach, be a consultant, mentor, and evaluate; I will provide support, encouragement, and education to supervisee’s while addressing an array of psychological, interpersonal, physical, and spiritual issues of clients.

    I will assist in the development of counseling knowledge and skills by identifying learning needs, determining counselor strengths, promoting self-awareness, and transmitting knowledge for practical use and professional growth.

    Engaging in case consultation, monitoring performance, assessing counselors as well as gatekeepers for the agency.

    As a professional coach I will be supportive, build morale while being constructive and challenging staff to produce their best effort and skills. Helping supervisee’s alleviate burn-out and encourage the practice of self care.

    I will mentor and teach the supervisee through role modeling, facilitating professional development and identity and train the next generation of supervisors.